Porcelain Tiles are the flooring materials with the best TECHNICAL PERFORMANCESAESTETHIC VARIETIESLONG DURATION. By its nature, Porcelain Tiles are ECO-FRIENDLY materials and require an easy ordinary management. They obtain and keep such features further to:

  • COMPLETION of protection during the final stage of Industrial Finishing
  • INFORMATION and CHEMICALS for cleaning after installation
  • Ordinary and special MAINTEINANCE

For long time Geal – Belchimica has been dedicating particular attention to the study of the industrial productive process of Porcelain Tiles Finishing and the analysis of the critical issues pointed out by the final users. By making the most of its long term scientific and operations experience, Geal – Belchimica interprets and supports the evolution of production technologies and preservation management with the aim of preventing such critical issues and equipping porcelain tiles with features that conform with the needs of the modern market.

Experimentation and testing on industrial, manufacturing and domestic field leads to the creation of Sistema Gres, which represents the validation and compendium of such activities. It is the only ORGANIC, SIMPLE and ACTUAL solution at the service of the whole Porcelain Tiles industry chain – MANUFACTURERDEALERTILERUSER – that has been created in order to PREVENT and CANCEL the uprising of random and onerous disputes that decrease the quality and original value of this EXCELLENT MATERIAL.



from the production stage until the installation and maintenance

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Authors & Credits

Our website Geal Gres collects all the knowledge and experience of Geal brand in the Conservation of Porcelain Tiles to MAINTAIN THE EXCELLENCE of the Italian Ceramic District.

It has been edited by Dr. Eugenio Giusti, Industrial Chemist and founder of Geal, in collaboration with Geal's Centre of Research & Development Crs Geal .




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