For the manufacturer

Technical Area


The application of the diagram and Geal products in the industrial Finishing of Porcelain Tiles may equip the material with polishing/glazing, together with ANTI-STAIN, ANTI- MATT, ANTI-FOOTPRINT protection as requested by the market and international rules.

This completion is carried out after polishing, in case of Technical Porcelain Tiles (full-body), or after lapping in case of Decorated Porcelain Tiles (glazed).

Commercial Area

  • Trade Marketing
  • Customer Care


Experimented information are provided to fill the online and offline Installation and Maintenance Instructions to be communicated to the dealers trough the commercial executives, in order to “prevent and cancel disputes”, that often are caused by incorrect and random motivations ascribed to the Manufacturer who inappropriately suffered the consequences of them.

Thanks to qualified and competent local agents, critical situation are promptly solved;  partial technical advice is supplied as opposition to any eventual dispute.